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Monday, 18 November 2013

Explore Dieng Plateau with Foreigner

Dieng is very well-known in this world. Dieng has special place and different from others. The oldest Hindu's civilization in Java placed in Dieng. Dieng sits at 2093 meters above sea level. There are two districts Wonosobo and Banjarnegara which have it.

In this age many people from foreign country or local tourist go vacation to Dieng. Explore Dieng is interested one for tourist. Dieng is a dream destination from anyone who planing Indonesian Tour. Boasting never-ending Hindu's Temple on periods Sanjaya's Dynasty, some exotic lakes, Dieng's volcanic crater, Dieng Plateau Theater, the best Java's Golden Sunrise in Sukunir hill and beautiful scenery in your surrounding.

When you come to Colorful Lake, the beautiful sight showed on lake's surface. Exotic gradation colors created from sun's reflection  when sunny day. It can be combination of green, blue, yellow, red, silver, brown.

Dieng Plateau offers a wealth of history. On holiday in Dieng you can admire some Dieng's Temples. Arjuna Temple complex, Gatutkaca Temple, Bima Temple, Setiaki Temple and Dwarawati Temple are some temples has found in Dieng. Here we find the mighty Kaliase Museum. A lot of statues, artefacts, Dieng's traditional art and culture stand there.

Dieng is not sleep mountain. Dieng is one of active mountain in Java. There several volcanic craters created. Sikidang Crater is the most famous Dieng volcanic crater. The interesting one from Sikidang Crater, it is always moves for one place to other place like deer jumping. Sikidang comes from the word "kijang" or deer. The main crater full of sulfur muddy water.

Dieng Tour on Holiday is just as incredible as you'd imagine. Dieng the place where you can spend an entire day to explore history, traditional art and culture. Sit back and relax in rural Dieng Plateau where you can really appreciate Dieng's nature sensuous surroundings and staggering in beauty.

Dieng tour offers for tourist to taste special food. Mie Ongklok and Tempe Kemul is special food from Wonosobo (distric of Dieng). Dieng's papaya named Carica is nice to try when you are in Dieng. Don't miss it, Dieng's mushroom, Dieng's peanut etc.

Enjoy your journey to explore Dieng Plateau with Dieng Tour Package. You can get more information from Dieng Tour Guide.


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